woensdag 22 november 2017

She was a Private Dancer

The cults dedicated to Slaanesh draw people of all layers of society, and so it is with the Cult leader only known as "The Conjurer".

While no-one knows who she really was, it is rumoured she was an exotic dancer on a minor Hiveworld.

Not happy with her life, she craved only the power to influence men and get her riches that way, and one day, her pleas where answered from the Warp.  Now leading a group of labourers in a small cultist band, she has the power to conjure a minor warp entity and unleash it upon her enemies.

This model by Freebooter is the champion for the second Cultist (out of about a dozen) unit I`m painting.  While these will have a more reddish colourscheme, I really loved the model and wanted to include her in the force in some way.  Ruleswise, she will be equipped with a shotgun, to represent the "bursting out" of the demon from her trenchcoat.

Now to start working on her actual unit to lead...

dinsdag 21 november 2017

Stranger Things season 1

A Netflix original series, that with it`s premises of an 80s set sci-fi series was a bit of a gamble, but that paid off big time.

And now I finally started (sorry Hans for the delay) benching it with Noshi.

The series is taking place in the small town of Hawkins, where a child, Will Byers, disappears one evening.  Soon however, his mother becomes convinced he is communicating through the lights with her, making her look totally insane.
His friends are looking for him as well, and they come across a strange girl just called "Eleven" and who can do things with her mind, ranging from closing doors and tossing around van's to frying brains.
In the meantime, a third group consisting of Will`s older brother and Mike`s, Will's friend, older sister, are looking for their missing friend Barbara.

When a monster, called the demigorgon after the Dungeons and Dragons game the kids play, appears, it soon turns out that a lot of things are linked to the large company in hawkins, and that some very strange experiments are going on in there.  Including trying to contact a parallel dimension...

The seires is actually three sorts in one.  First, there are the kids who look for their friend in what is a typical 80s "fantasy adventure" style.  The teenagers are looking for their friend in what is soon turning in a teen drama / slasher story, and the adults are tackling the problems in a mystery horror tale.
The groups and their stories eventually blend together, making it a great run of story arcs, and a really lovely series to watch, one we both got intrigued by and we will soon tackle season 2 as well together.

If I might give one point of untied end / critique: the complete apathy of the characters about the fate of Barbara in the midst of all the mystery and horror...

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Produced in 2017 by grandmaster Luc Besson (Ronin, la Femme Nikita, etc etc), I had high expectations for this film... 

But also some fears as this might have been to over the top if you saw the trailers.

In the 28th century, the former International Space Station has reached critical mass, making it too dangerous to keep in Low Earth Orbit. Relocated to deep space, it became Alpha, a space-traveling city inhabited by millions of creatures from thousands of planets.

En route to a mission, Valerian dreams of a planet where a low-tech humanoid race lives peacefully. They fish for pearls containing enormous amounts of energy, and use small animals to replicate them. Wreckage begins plummeting from the sky, triggering an apocalypse. Before the explosion reaches the surface, a young princess manages to send out a telepathic signal.

This leads to Valerian trying to figure out what the aliens meant, while almost bunking an undercover operation as a consequence.  A special conference is then gathered but unknown aliens, those from his dreams, attack and capture the grand General of humanity.  Turns out he was the one that gave the order which triggered the apocalypse, and Valerian and his partner must find a way to bring him to trial...

Now, the movie is gorgeous, and I don`t mean Rihanna's role in that.

It`s special effects are really fantastic, even though the whole virtual reality meets reality sequence in the Grand Bazaar does come over a bit messy at times in my opinion.  But unfortunatly, that is the good thing about the film.
I don`t like the lead actor that portrays Valerian (Dane DeHaan) that much, being a bit to weak for the shoes he needed to fill to be honest.
On the other hand, some well known faces do make some great short appearances (hello Ethan Hawke) but overal, the movie is beautifully made, but weak in storyline and acting leads for me.

A missed chance, and seeing the box office numbers, I doubt there will be a sequel...

maandag 20 november 2017

Late Roman Elites and Warriors

In order to "romanize" my force for Dux, I finished two more units of Gripping Beasts plastic Late Roman models.

This allows me to use my irish and dark age warriors as the levy and mercenaries, while the core force of elites and warriors consists of roman troopers.

The shield was apparently an actual design according to the well known Phil Baker book, and I went for the cleaner whitish tunic to have some contrast and uniformity in the army.

I did paint up 8 instead of 6 of each, to allow for the possible +2 models roll in the campaing, so now the whole Dux force is indeed covered for the remainder of the campaign.

No idea what will happen to the models afterwards, they probably end up at the Crisis B&S in a few years...

Bar'Ba'Ra The Seductress, daemon princess of Slaanesh

So the "Top Secret" project from the recent Painting Desk video's is ready to be revealed...

And it is nothing less then a daemon princess from Creature Caster, a firm that makes all kinds of large resin and more importantly stunning looking models.

I grabbed my Lady to serve as a Daemon Princess within the Emperor's Children legion, and went all overboard with my purples and pinks to paint her.

Winged, and armed with a pair of Malefic Talons, she is ready to zoom across the battlefield and bring exstacy to all those around!

Measuring about 12cm in height and width due to her wingspan, she is truly a magnificent model!

zondag 19 november 2017

The Haul report 108: freebie week

Well, these are the cool weeks, where you get a load of stuff for an absolute price of 0.

So let's have a little look then...

The first things I grabbed where some free promo items at last weeks tattoo conventions.  The black stickers are going on my transport case, as is the anime magnet lady.  They also had Iphone covers for free, but as I don`t have an iphone...

The second piece of goodies was a gift from Patrick at TSA.  he had some Chaos bits still lying around in his bits box and asked if I wanted them.  Of course I did, but then he came along with this huge bag.

I`m still clipping and sorting, but it has a heap of Seekers of Slaanesh in it, as well as about 20 odd cultists and a dozen marines for starters. Thanks again mate.

Well, a good week as such and very budget friendly x-D

zaterdag 18 november 2017

Emperor's Children vs Space Wolves: 500 points battlereport

In another firday evening at TSA, my Drag Queens took on the Space Puppies in a short and bloody 500 point game.

My opponent Vincent didn`t have that much time for a game, as he wanted to see Spectre being played, so asked for a shorty and of course I was fine with that.

So the 4 tile, 48 by 48 table was laid out, and we played "old school scenario": 12" from the side, and fight until we had a winner.

I managed to squeeze 36 models in my force, with the Exalted Champion, a small squad of Marines, a squad of Havocs, a blob of cultists and the "I actually hate them" Possessed.  But my plan was rather dirty.  Vincent is a recent returnee to the game, and I just knew he would be going after the Possessed who looks all big and scary, and ignore my main weapon: the cultist blob.

He fielded a gatling gun Razorback transporting his lord and 5 grey hunters, and a bike squad joined by a Runesmith with Smite and the cover save power.  I clearly had the big numerical advantage.

Vincent grabbed first turn and his force surged forward, though his firing was rather limited as only 5 cultists fell to the tanks heavy 12 salvo.

In my turn, the Possessed sneaked up to the Razorback and charged, miraculously surviving the Overwatch.

In turn two he withdrew the Razorback from combat and popped it`s smoke launchers and having disembarked it`s passengers, while the bikes charged into the cultists.  The Runesmith however failed his roll and was stuck in the open.

Possessed fell before being charged, but held on none the less, while the bikes vs Cultists turned into a bloodfest.  However, the sheer number of fanatics overwhelmed some of the biker boys.

In the next turn, my Exalted Champion went to the other combat and charged in.  Here the strength of the Emperor's Children legion trait really shined, as the bikes where overwhelmed by the first hitting Cultists, while the champion slaughtered three hunters.  The Marines and the Runesmith remained locked in combat though...

The Runesmith then Smited the two remaining marines, and charged into the final remaining three cultists who had taken serious damage from the tank and the bikes shooting phase.  He smashed down the remainder of the unit, but this left him open right in front of the Havocs.

In a duel of leaders, the Exalted cut down the leader of the wolves, but they remained locked in combat as one grey hunter survived against a one wound remaining Possessed.

Predictably, my Havocs literally boiled the Runesmith, who at this point had a single remaining wound, to plasmagoric death. 

My champion turned the remaining Hunter to a bloody collection of unidentifiable body parts (Death to the False Emperor!) and together with the Possessed consolidated to the Razorback, his only remaining model.

Realising he couldn`t run around and take shots as that would mean that either my Champion, or the Havocs would eventually get him, Vincent conceded defeat and the Space Wolves patrol was no more...

A short, bloody and great fun battle, and for me the unit of the match where the Cultists who once more went above and beyond the call of duty...