The Tundra Bull support campaign

The Tundra Bull support campaign
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zondag 5 juli 2015

Starcom Convention Report

Today, we from BeLUG send an expidition to the newest sci-fi and comic convention in Belgium, namely Starcom, taking place in the ICC in Ghent.

Okay, `delegation`... let`s call it a dastardly duo as this existed of me and Kris.

This did mean though that we didn`t get any real time to wander around the place and look for shopping trips, but I have managed to get some pictures before this wonderfull moment happened: the opening of the doors of the very first Starcom convention.

And we had premium places, being right at the entrance of the event.  Lots of people saw our brickworks today.

But hours before, that was still some hard labour.  Getting up at 5, leaving at 6, but with a good ride and some rather punctual delivery of tables, we could begin setting up around 7.30, and where finished nice on time before the clock ticked 10 and the doors opened.

Now, these sorts of conventions have a lot in common, being traders with a variety of ranges, both new and vintage

But also a lot of awesome cosplayers.  I loved the little girl, she was so delighted to be asked to pose in front of my Helicarrier.

Though sometimes I do have doubts where some costumes and clothes place their `pointe`.

A very good looking DeLorean was also present.

And of course, the places to fill the inner person.

Some other activities could also be enjoyed, like a cosplay message party.

Kris tames his own girls.

But that brings us to the final part of these events: the LOOT

Which is absolutely nothing.  I`m sticking good to my plan to only buy Lego and suffer withdrawal from the rest.

Well, not totally nothing, I got my convention brick for participating with BeLUG, so this is a true collectors item, as only 2 are now adorning badges of participants :-)

It was a very tyring experience for me, but in the end, the convention itself was a winner and a welcome addition to the `scene`, nice and relax atmosphere and spatious booths and walkways.

To be continued next year if I have anything to say in it!

zaterdag 4 juli 2015

The Wolverine - review

The most recent instalment of the Wolverine franchise, and taking place between X-Men Last Stand and X-Man Days of Future Past, this movie takes Logan to Japan for what was one of his most intresting arcs in the comics, somewhere early 90s.

And to be honest, I kind of liked it... definitly better then his earlier solo movie.

The movie starts the day Nagasaki gets the A-Bomb at the end of world war 2, and a young prison guard named Yashida gets saved by Logan.  This young bloke grows out to become one of the richest men in Japan, and on his dying bed he wants to thank Logan one last time for what he did all those years ago.

However, working together with Viper (who is a mutant and not the HYDRA agent) and a clan of ninja`s called The Black Clan (aka, The Hand from the comics), he actually wants to steal Logan`s healing powers for his own benefit of gaining immortal life.

We get to seen the cinematic version of the Silver Samurai, which is actually a sort of adamantium exo-suit for the old Yashida, and the blossoming love between Logan and Mariko, Yashida`s granddaughter.

Now, let`s be honest: mutants + ninja`s + samurai + ykuza make for 2 hours of brain on 0, good old action entertainment.

And it has a nice tie-in to `Days` during the mid credits sequence...

vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Texas Rising - review

A 5 episodes, 1.5 hours long each, series that was recently aired by the History Channel (you can watch it on their website), this prestigious series details the Texan War of Independance.

That`s Sam Houston for you not so history buffs.  

Starting right after the well known events that had transpired at The Alamo, the series focusses on the initial refusal (for good reasons) of Houston taking the battle to Santa Anna, while the `Napoleon of the West` ran rampage through Texas, which back then was still under Mexican control.

The series is filled with strong actor names, like Bill Paxton, Ray Liotta, Kris Kristofferson... but unfortunatly, also some `former` greats that, sorry to say, didn`t really shine here, Brendan Fraser for one.

While the series does of course has to take some artistic freedom and add some fictional characters (Anderson, Lorca, ...) to the roster to have some background stories going on, it is rather well made and rather accurate.

Heck, in episode 4, which in a way is the `finale` with the battle of San Jacinto, they could have actually done, if they wanted, a second by second recollection of the battle.  Sam Houston needed a full 18 minutes with his small Texan force to defeat a Mexican host many times their size.

It`s an intense episode, and even the `wrapping up` episode 5 has it`s sheer drama, and leads to the tale of how the Texas Rangers came into being, the setting up of the Comanche Wars (their next project it seems) and... the tale of the Yellow Rose of Texas.

Go watch it, it`s definitly worth it!