zondag 13 augustus 2017

The Haul Report 94

Hello everyone to another week of hauling stuff for the collection, and it's mostly Chaos this week.


The first thing I grabbed was a model to serve as a Chaos Spawn in my Slaaneshi forces, produced by Kromlech.

I also picked up a heap of reading material at the Games Workshop store, with the newest White Dwarf, the Skirmish booklet for Age of Sigmar, and the Grand Alliance book for Chaos.  This allows me to no longer print all those needed warscrolls, and just flip through the book to the relevant pages.

The beauty catch of the week is the model that will serve as my Daemon Princess, the Lady of Corruption by the canadian company Creature Castings.  At 50 euro she isn`t that expensive at all for a large resin model, even though the import duties did sting at 32 euro.  Oh well, she is worth it.

The final thing I bought is a new heavy duty vape machine

I haz flashy lights...

And now I`m going to pack my bags for a weeklong holiday, so I doubt I`ll have any hauls next episode though...

zaterdag 12 augustus 2017

On the Painting Desk 7

A slow week as predicted this time, as I finished nothing, and won`t be doing any painting the coming week either.

This due to some real life stuff and holidays, those things happen after all.

What I did manage to do is not only assemble the Chaos Marines box from last week, but also put them in the base colours of pink (with wash and drybrush) and the black parts.

Well, at least it was something...

dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Viking: Sworn Brother - Tim Severin

The second book in the Viking series, chronicling the adventures of Thorgils Leifsson, this one takes us from Engeland to Iceland and Finland... only to end in Constatinople.

A series that gained additional popularity due to the Vikings series (totally unrelated), mr Severin provides us with another enjoyable 350 page reading of the semi-historical figure.

The central motivation for Thorgills in this book is love.  At first, love for a queen he has become a secret lover for.  Then the love for his sworn brother Grettir, an outlaw in Iceland who he meets on his journey.
After Grettir is killed, he travels to Finland where he finds his first "true" unconditional love, but only after losing his former mentor Thrand in the last battle of the Jomsvikings.  And he ends up in Constantinople, as a soldier of the Varangian Guard...

As you can see, a lot goes on in the life of young Thorgills in this book, and while enjoyable written, it's perhaps also the biggest drawback.  A LOT goes on in the span of 350 pages, making that some "connections" to characters are passing to fast for the reader to get an in depth feeling for the events.  For example, the whole Grettir relation, between them meeting and swearing the oath, to Grettir finally being caught and executed, the character "grows" to little to actually care about his death.

It`s an enjoyable read, but not as good as the first instalment of the series in my opinion.

Build Report: 41114 Friends Party Styling

This small set of the Friends range is one of those small animal based sets they've put out for the small change range, available at around 5 euro a piece if you look around a little.

These sets are great value is you look to bump the part collection for pastel coloured elements, and the kitten is a lovely little beastie to add to builds left and right.

Opening the box you get the small sticker, which I didn`t add to the piece during the build mind you, the instruction leaflet and a pile of about 50 elements

The kitten comes with a small party hat, and a fish is also included in the box.

The first little build we make is a small present for the birthday kitty, being a lovely bow tie in abox with printed lit.

The main build itself is made upon a lime plate of 6x8, with jumpers and a 2x4 magenta plate added.

A turntable base is then added to this for the rotating podium.

On this podium is a basin, based around pink macaroni elements and comes with a shiny golden tap.

This can turn around to where the mirror sticker should be placed, so you can switch between the basin and a mirror for grooming the kitten.

The invitation tile is also a printed element.

Decorations are then added to the build, like a broom, bottle, a balloon and such likes...

We get a few extra pieces as usual in the set

And the build stands completed:

As I said in the beginning, these little boxes are great for the parts, and the kitten is a welcome addition to the collection.  The benefit they are often on sale at 3 for 2 and the likes in Kruidvat only adds to their attraction value...

zondag 6 augustus 2017

1000 pts Order: army evaluation

So I got my first game under the belt, and while it gives a bit of a mixed sight as it was in a multiplayer game, I did get some insights into my force.

While facing only the Dead as opponents, with two big flyers rummaging on my flank of small units, I was in for a hard ride to start with.

So in general I learned a few things, like bumping unit numbers to 20 or even 30, instead of the tactical flexibility of small units.  This has to do with something I wasn`t used to yet: charge arcs are gone.
My plan on slipping past the large blocks of opposing cavalry and infantry as such was totally useless, and it was a struggle for survival of even something of my force as such.

The General: while outclassed individually, he did a sterling job with his Hold The Line! ability.  Seeing Neferata and the Zombie Dragon, I know it would be suicide to send him in, so he just tried to keep the line more or less together and hope for the best.

Death Hag: even though she managed to wound herself in the one time she tried her ability, the combination of her presence, witchbrew and the Witch Aelves made that she was a mean attacker, and survived (barely) against a unit of restoring skeleton warriors.  Who had 3 attacks each...

Halberdiers and Free Militia: nothing to say about them, apart from trying to block of some approach lines, they didn`t take part in the battle really, staying around the general as a screen.

Handgunners: they did a good job, with their to hit bonus for staying immobile, as well as the Hold the Line! ability even causing them to wound the dragon lord more then a Bloodthirster (namely once, lol).  The short range makes them very vunerable to cavalry though, who can stand at 17", ride forward 12, then charge 5" (a do-able roll) without them to ever have a chance to fire now that stand and shoot is gone.

Greatswords: I made a mistake here in not realising they are also State Troops and would benefit from the Hold the Line! rule.  They initially lost half their number to a breath attack, but with their armour, damage and rend proved a bit of a bump for the dragon (he did heal though, but heck).  Could as such have hurt a lot more with +1 to hit and wound.

Doomriders: the victims of not knowing the charge arcs thing, they did manage to survive a single round versus a block of heavy cavalry.  However, the one casualty they Doombolted returned with the raise dead thing those guys do.

Swordsmen: fought against skeletons, and died / ran off.  The Empire seems a bit booh-booh`t on numbers bonusses, as the skellies get three attacks for being with 30, but these guys would only result in a +2 to hit, but still one attack only in such a big unit.

Witch Elves: beasts on the charge in combination with the Hag, but they die just as fast.  And rolling a 6 on your Morale didn`t help of course, resulting in the whole unit running off.

I must confess, I ain`t keen on the Dead guys, high battleshock, lots of attacks, strong characters... and they don`t crumble, nor lose morale value if the big vampires around them drop dead.  Their slow move of 4" isn`t making that big of a difference versus speed 5 humans, so my best bet for the big battle is to just plainly try and avoid them...

But heck, all things considered, my mainly battleline unit force survived...

The Haul Report 93

Hello everyone to another week of heaps of goodies, and it`s been a pretty big one.

And it included a lot of stuff I got through my wargames club, thanks peeps for helping out my forces.

The first thing I got was a purchase from eBay, the old Morathi model who will serve for now as my Hag in the Daughters of Khaine contignent.  I pulled an all-nighter on her to get her ready for battle past friday, and I really like the old model.  She has a certain majesty to her.

Wednesday I had a "date" with Patrick from TSA in Antwerp, and I got his Dux books and cards.  He didn`t want to commit to a campaign anymore, so I got his material to rumble through the UK in a quest to become Dux Britanniarum the coming months.

I also picked up a box of Possessed in the local Games Workshop to expand my force.

Talking expaning forces, Papa Nurgle (aka my Nemesis) provided me with some sets of figures for my Slaanesh force.  The Cultist box will give me some cheap fodder, together with an Aspiring Champion who will serve as my warlord in the smaller games. 
The two boxes of regular Marines are to become the crew members of the Quad Heavy Bolters that will be my main weapon versus small runt armies like Imperial Guard, Tau, Orks or even his own Pox Walkers.
The Lust Elf model from Raging Heroes is looking forward to beginning her career as a Herald of Slaanesh as well, to use in both 40k as well as Age of Sigmar.

At TSA friday, Albert brought along some epic figures for my Future War Commander force.  The 5 Rhino`s are to have some transports for my Marine Corps list, while the two blisters of Slaaneshi Titans will form the backbone of the heavy guns.

The final thing I got where two figures from the Crisis shows I missed over the years, Peter Minuit who will make a fantastic trader figure for 15th century gaming, and our beloved "soldier king" Albert I who fought in World War 1.

A great heap of loot, and I`ll be having some decent painting lines formed up the coming weeks as such :-)

Build Report: 70150 Chima Flaming Claws

A series subtheme that was a serious sink, the Speedorz from the Chima line where pull up cars that needed to navigate an obstacle course.

Which meant they went quite fast into discount, like this one was at -50%

At 65 parts, it also came with a "generation 2" Cragger figure, in his red detailed armour.  Furthermore, it included cards for the Chima trading cards series, as well as the pull up wheel and rope.

Cragger had some weapons in the form of a lance and a torch, not simple to hold the steering wheel with those in hand I think.

The pullcar bodywork is a stylised crocodile head, with printed detailing on it.  No stickers in these small sets.

It`s attached to the wheel, and flaming claws, hence the name of the set, are added to the sides.

The goal of the course is to aim and knock over, aka catch, the orb of flaming Chi energy.

In order to reach this though, you have to get past a venus trap like construction.  This is set up with red hinge plates at it`s core.

The leaves are then made two times, and attached to the sides of these plates.  Driving over it will cause it to snap shut and try to knock over Cragger and his speedorz bike.

In order to avoid this, we also make a small little ramp, which hopefully allows you to jump over it far enough and reach the Chi orb.

The set had some extra pieces as well

And the full set completed:

These sets aren`t that bad per se, but if you buy it purely for the parts, you`ll be stuck with the wheel and rope for the pulley though, as they don`t have much moc'cing use at all.