zaterdag 24 juni 2017

White Dwarf May 2017

A month late, as I only recently snatched up my copy from the local GW store, but nevertheless one heck of an issue.

Of course, the central theme in this issue is the fact that the White Dwarf turns 40, and this is shown by a band containing all issues produced at the bottom of the pages.

It was kind of nostalgic to see those old issues from my youth again, and fondly remembering some of them...

Of course, that isn`t everything in the magazine, as it has a lot of nice content outside regular features like Blanchitsu of Planet Warhammer.  Like the second episode of the new series of Tales of Four Warlords, in which the participants grow their 40k forces some more.

It also features new rules, for Blood Bowl this time, as on how to include the White Dwarf and his nemesis the Black Gobbo on the pitch, and for how to fight on top of a Mumak in Lord of the Rings.

There is a large interview with John Blanche, as well as history strolls through the 40 years of the magazine.  Also included is a huge battle report (well, three battles actually) for Age of Sigmar, with Grombrindal himself taking center stage.

Now, and article I found very intresting was the one by Jervis Johnson on how to be a gamesmaster in Warhammer Quest (or other games of course), and what to do to prepare for the "role".

A fine issue indeed, and onwards to the next 40!

donderdag 22 juni 2017

Warhammer Teutogen Guard

As I prepare for the big battle for Age of Sigmar in august, I need to (kuch, urgently) restore some units to battleworthy status for my 1000 pts Order force I pledged.

So today I finished the second battleworthy regiment, in the form of the Teutogen Guard.

This elite unit counts in the new rules as a Greatsword unit, and this bunch of 10 counts for 160 points on the warscroll. 

Now, the models have two dominating features to paint, being on the one hand their metal, full plate armour, and on the other the white wolfpelts typical to the Knights of the White Wolf knightly order.

Now onwards to the next regiment for the force, which will be a state troops unit of 10.

woensdag 21 juni 2017

I blame the Nemesis! The Emperor's Children return...

I wouldn`t start playing Warhammer 40k again.  I never liked the game as much as "regular" Warhammer.

Same for 6mm sci-fi, aka Future War Commander, and as such when I "got out" years ago, I sold both those ranges from my collection.

In all those years, Nemesis continued playing FWC though (my scenery was still at the club it seems, even I had forgotten mostly about that over the years), and I planned on facing him with my AWI british one day (basically, I`d use a Guard list with only infantry, cavalry and cannons).

Then I found a few ziplocks of figures, not enough for a full chaos list of 1000 points, so I`d put them aside again.

However, the new edition of 40k is upon us, and Nemesis has decided it`s the right time to hop back in.  I`m not going to miss this train, to prevent the steep learning curve perhaps afterwards. You can get the core rules for free from the GW site, but unlike the warscrolls for Warhammer, the datafiles are bundled in compendiums. 

I doubted for a long time (like, half a week) to either restart my Dark Angels, or my Emperor's Children, but in the end I decided on my Slaaneshi legion again, you know, RL intrests and such ;-) .

The plan for "the first thousand" will be a mainly infantry force, in which I`ll be painting all the regular non Noise Marines in the purple and gold livery pre-Heresy, as I always loved the look of those.  The specialist troops on the other hand will get the pink and black colourscheme.

Now, I must say that flicking through the rulebook, the points system isn`t really that handy imho to quickly gather a warhost, so I guess I`ll aim at the far quicker (and yeah, like points, it can be abused, but then you just quit playing those abusers) Power Level games.  I already saw I can combine Marines with (summoned) deamons like in the last edition I played the pinky marines (aka, third edition, yeah it has been THAT long for me) so I can once again match guitar guns to naked chicks...

Heck, that sounds like your average Rammstein gig...

Of course, this also means I WILL do something with those 6mm figures then after all, as I`ll be trying to expand them into a small 1000 points force, and see if I can find a FWC rulebook left or right (I have lead currently ;-) ).

So yes, it wasn`t my fault, Nemesis made me!


The latest in the X-franchise, and the closer of the Wolverine series, Logan puts us forward to 2029, and it isn`t Wolverine playing the lead, it's Old Man Logan.

The future has changed, as there are no Sentinels around, so that movie was a plot success... but also barely any mutants.

Logan is a low by the ground, sick and dying limousine driver.  He also cares, together with Caliban, with a Charles Xavier who has mental problems, and suffers seisures that attack all of those around him mentally.  Logan is basically working to give Charles a burial at sea...

But then he is approached by a mexican lady, who brings with her Laura, a teenage girl cloned from the DNA of Wolverine.  As there have been no new mutant births over the last decade, this girl, who was genetically created, and her friends might prove the only future mutantkind has.

The story is a good roadmovie style as Logan and his group are trying to escape the creators of Laura, hellbent on recovering all the escaped mutant children.  Even the inclusion of an adult, Logan look-alike assassin (who means the end of Professor X), forces Logan to overcome his growing limits one last time, as he is slowly dying from adamantium poisoning, making his healing factor fail.

An enjoyable movie, if not to say actually a rather good one, that puts a nice closer on Jackman`s portrayal of the Wolverine.

dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Chosen Men - Mark Latham

Part of the Osprey line of wargame rules, Chosen Men is meant for skirmish battles in the Napoleonic age.

And these rules aren`t to difficult at all!

The base system is the use of action points, the TAC, of which every figure in your band has 2.  Now, bands are aimed at around 450 points, though for introductionary play they advise the use of 150 points, usually buying you an officer and 2 units of 5 figures.

With these TAC, the figures can undertake actions like moving, or firing (not twice mind you), as well as some more specialised actions.  The to hit table and all follow a rather logical system with the regular wargame modifiers like being in cover etc. 

The game contains some variety in weapons, and even some smaller cannon, to field, and you have the choice of three major nations: France, Great Britain and Prussia.  Add to this the "allies" lists (Portugal, Spain, Brunswick,...) which can either be allied or listed on their own, and you have some nice starting choice of forces.  Mind you, they are centered around the Peninsular and the Waterloo campaigns.

A nice little ruleset, and one I might try out in the coming year.

zondag 18 juni 2017

Swords of the Empire - various authors

This novel, hailing from the Warhammer line, is a collection of short stories set in / about the lands of The Empire.

Containing 6 stories in total, each one numbers between 40 - 60 pages long, and varies a lot in theme and antagonists.

The first one, The Vampire Hunters by Robert Earl, takes us along with an elder Kislevite as he joins two hunters in a quest to defeat a Strigoi vampire.

In Meat Wagon by CL Werner, a carriage is diverted to an abandoned, ghoul infested village in Sylvania, but unfortunatly for the inhabitants one of the passengers is a Witch Hunter.

The Case of the Scarlet Cell by Gordon Rennie is a Sherlock Holmes style adventure, where a Slaanesh cult is discovered while hunting a follower of the Blood God.

In Rest for the Wicked, we follow two Altdorf guardsmen in this tale by James Wallis as they must prevent an assassination attempt on the Elector Count of Middenland.

Jonathan Green's The Nagenhof Bell makes a band of mercenaries face off against a Skaven invasion in a small town, eager to reclaim the bell of the church of Morr.

The final story, Sword of the Empire by Dan Abnett, is also a prelude to the upcoming Storm of Chaos, and follows the journey of a Knight of the Reik into the frozen and savage lands of Kislev.

A really nice collection of stories, this book was a pleasure to read, and recommended for those loving a few human vs big bad evil thing stories.

About Biting Off and Chewing

Fact 1: When I got back into wargaming now about two months ago, I decided to take it slow, no pressure, no deadlines.

Fact 2: Restoring my Warhammer forces would be a small thing on the side, focussing on my historical forces first.

Fact 3: The 20th of August the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp host a mega battle for Age of Sigmar, following up on their big 40k game from last month.

Conclusion: I`m going to play in it, making Facts 1 and 2 completely obsolete now...

It is just stronger then myself, I love doing those big battles and as such this will also be not only my first game in the new edition of Warhammer, but my first game with self painted figures "per se".  Except of course that means I have to get a force ready by then.

The rules for the game limit players to 4000 points maximum, in order to ensure more players with smaller armies can join in and be more then a speedbump on the table when facing gargantuan armies.  I enlisted with a 1000 points "Grand Alliance Order", because if I dump together all my models, I *might* be able to get them done by then. 

Well, I am planning on including a force I bought just this week on Kickstarter as well, the Alpine Gnomes force as usual Empire halberds and spearmen (he, it's like having Halflings after all), which are estimated to be delivered half of july... so knowing my luck, that will mean I better start touching up and restoring more of my existing models.

Sure, non painted is allowed in these things... but I ain`t going there, my force will be completely painted... which at the moment means a full 5 models done for a value of 200 points out of the 1000 needed.

I hope to get some Teutogen (they count as Empire greatswords in the pdf's) done this week, and then it`ll be on to statetroops.  While perhaps not the most tactical sound force to build, I`m aiming to get about 6 - 7 units of 10 troops done by the big battle, and a character (I`ll call him the garrison chief) painted up. 

So yup, I have my work cut out for the coming weeks, but in the worst case I`ll have to pressgang some historicals as handgunners ;-)