vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Time for more dino`s!

Yesterday, I went with the mum and GF to Antwerp City to get some school sweaters for the Smurf.

Rainy day, that doesn`t stop the power of Female Shopping (and me hauling their bags), and I managed to drop by at the local Game Mania.

I managed to find one of the two currently released games of Lego I still missed, Jurassic World for the Vita, the other one being Shadow of Ronin Ninjago, but they didn`t have that at the moment.

Oh, and I found this in the kids department where they where looking for the sweaters, I`m glad I don`t have to big a head so a size 158 easily fits me still ;-)

donderdag 27 augustus 2015

The Final One: Tolkien theme completed

Here it is, unpacked today.  Lego set 9473 The Mines of Moria, the last set I needed to complete the whole Tolkien theme (both the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit lines).

Okay, that is excluding things like keychains and magnets, or the boardgames, as I wanted the full building set collection.

Now the next phase is going to be to build, over the YEARS, displays for including all the sets, or sets going together like I did with my Lake-Town display.

But this also means, that with the whole theme now collected, I don`t have a hard to find, `must have` theme open anymore yaay.  The Jurassic World sets are easily available still to collect, and the few Harry Potter ones are non priority for the moment.

Now to stock up on baseplates for the coming years ;-)

Lego Build: 70800 Getaway Glider

I`m really going to have to up my tempo in these classic and regular build reports I think, as the backlog has gone totally out of hand.  If I kept going on the rate I`m posting one boxed set a week, I`m already into march 2016, and the classic builds are going even way beyond that currently... and that is not counting all the sets I still have boxed on the shelf, like Shelob whom I got back in january this year...

For example, this week`s set.  I received it as a find from my parents when they where on a short holiday in the Netherlands back in april, build it during the Eurosongfestival in may, and now it`s it`s turn to get uploaded, the final thursday of august.

The set itself was at a decent discount back then, and it is one of the smaller sets from the original The Movie line, when our heroes are trying to get away from Bad Cop and the robo sheriff in the western world.

Opening the box, we get a small stickersheet, a horse, the insturctions and 2 bags of parts.

On the minifig level, we get our hero Emmet, as well as the Robo Sheriff and one of his western robot companions.

The first thing we build is a small but effective piece of scenery, a cactus.  Nicely done in a simple way, this is one of those things I`ll be `remembering` for some future use in moc`s to dress up the scenery.

We`re then starting the work on the glider itself.

This is a sort of `backpack` for Emmet, and like all the Movie sets, it looks like the things you bashed together back in the days one was younger.  Using parts from all over the place, the central part of the glider is a barrel piece.

A windrose is added to a pole to become the `point` of the glider.

At the other end of the glider, wizard staves are used to become the steering flaps for the little contraption.

The wings are simple in essence, but those nice dark tan wingplates are something always handy afterwards for building terrain. 

The build of the wings is following the same priciple, though they are not exact symmetric mirror builds.

I didn`t attach the stickers, as this set will be going straight into recyclage again afterwards though. 

The final part of the glider is a piece of chain for Emmet to steer the thing with.

The set completed:

And the additional parts that came with it:

Now, in general I`m not to wild with this particular set.  Unless, like I did for the picture, you attach Emmet to the cactus, there is not decent way to display the little flyer thing, since it`s tail end is to long for the minifig feet to provide ample support.  Definitly one of the weaker of an excellent and fun line to build!

woensdag 26 augustus 2015

Brickworld Chicago 2015 DVD

For a week now, people have been wondering what that movie was I am in the credits for.  I posted just this picture on Facebook, and some even went as far as thinking it was a porn movie, albiet tongue in cheeck.

Even though there is indeed one of those out there that has my name in the credits.  Something from when I was way younger (think VHS era), and I WASN`T on screen (I helped in the catering back when I was doing cooking school, it paid zilch and was a favor to the producer whom I knew from the clubbing life back then).

No, it was on the Bricks in Motion special DVD featuring coverage, exclusive interviews, behind the scenes and the featurette `World of Light` from the recent Brickworld Chicago show.

I didn`t attend it, but I was a Kickstarter backer for the project, resulting in that you get mentioned in the `Special Thanks` section of the end title sequence.

It`s a nifty little thing, a something else to watch then the regular YouTube casts or the pictures.  Especially intriguing is to see the World of Light in `action`.  In this, all the builders that have lights build in with their displays turn them on as the room is darkened, creating a real fantasy world.

If they continue to make such DVDs for shows over at Bricks in Motion, i`ll gladly keep backing the projects!

dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone - J.K. Rowling

Okay, I`m agreeing with Chu now, the books ARE better then the movies.

When I watched the first film, I was a bit underwhelmed and couldn`t understand the `binge reading` that happened when the books came out.

So I went over to Awesomebooks and found all books in a bundle for a measly 17 euro incl shipping to Belgium, and started reading the first one a few days ago.

It`s finished.  Now agreed, at 212 pages it`s the shortest of them all, but I`m usually a person that only reads on the toilet, five minutes before going to sleep, on the bus or in the bathtub.  I spend every free minute I had reading this book, finishing it in Cochem two days ago.

I loved it.  I`m starting to understand where the `Pottermania` comes from now.  Yes, I`m a converting into a (moderate) fan.

The book has the usual more detailed events that can`t be crammed into a movie, but they are written in a lightly yet intense style, catching my attention and getting me to read front to end as quick as i could.

And it has given me a LOT of ideas for Lego, but that is something for a later post, as I have to update my wish list still with on the one hand some HP sets, and on the other hand deleting some that I have come to terms with I`ll never own, like R2.

But if you`ll excuse me now, I`m going to continue reading in the Chamber of Secrets...

A Darkness Forged in Fire - Chris Evans

"A masterful debut - if JRR Tolkien and Bernard Cornwall had a literary love child, this would be it" (Karen Traviss, New York Times no1 bestselling author)

Book One of the Iron Elves

Big words to go by, so needless to say I was a bit sceptic about the book, as you often read those kinds of lines, only to be let down seriously by the actual work.

But not really for this one.  Surely, it doesn`t live up to THOSE names of the fantasy genre, but it is never the less a good read, and one I`ll be looking to get the other parts in the series from.  It introduces readers to a world just `past` what most consider High fantasy, as the world is already in a Napoleonic phase of technology with muskets and cannons, but also with magic and mystical creatures.

The Iron Elves, commanded by Konowa, where an elite regiment of Elven troopers, dissolved to cover up a plot of the Shadow Monarch, an evil elven sorceress that wants to plunge the world in darkness.  But when she rises again in power, the regiment is reformed by anything but elves.

The regiment is send out on a probably suicidal mission to recover the fabled `Eastern Star`, and has to overcome a lot of attacks by creatures thought extinct, as well as a revolt by the more savage Elfkynan`s.  They find out however that the oath they swore to the regiment will carry them onwards even after death, as all the forces in the world seem to link together to face off the Shadow Monarch.

The book at times has an `Islandwana` feel to it, as a single, under strength regiment faces off a huge horde of wild warriors while occupying a small fortress.  This all adds to the tension as such, and quite a few mysteries start to be laid down in it`s pages, clearly to be unravelled later on in the next volumes...

maandag 24 augustus 2015

Coming home to a Parcel

Today I actually managed to score a haul, even though I only returned this afternoon.

It seems that past friday, after we already left for Cochem, the courier came at the door with a package from the Netherlands, and my neighbour was kind enough to take it in.

So this afternoon, I went upstairs to get it, and it was my Goblin King Battle set, one of the two I missed from the Tolkien series.

Now, I also know that at the postal point, another parcel is waiting for me, which *should* be containing the Moria set, completing my whole collection by the end of this week at last ;-)