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maandag 29 augustus 2016

Star Wars Clone Wars Gambit: Siege - Karen Miller

While I`m more of a Trekkie, I always had an open mind about other franchises and have read the occassional Star Wars novel.

So I picked this one up at the recent Boekenfestijn in May, part 2 of the Gambit tale, taking place between the second and third movie.


Anakin and Obi Wan are on the run for Lok Durd, a Neimodian who is developping a terrifying chemical weapon.  While (in part 1) they had succeeded in freeing the family of the lead researcher on this project, the weapon is still in development.

Sheltering amongst a community of miners, they are discovered and the fate of the village rests on their shoulders.  in the meantime, the weapon is unleashed on Mon Mothma`s planet, and the senate forced into action...


Nope.  This wasn`t really my cup of tea.  While it features some more shism exploration between Anakin and Obi Wan, it`s more or less a long drawn out tale that feels like it has been seen before... a lot. And that makes it all feel to rushed in the final chapters.

Now, I`m not saying this because it`s Wars and not Trek, as I really loved the Thrawn series for example, but, if to best illustrate my feel about it, it leaves the same aftertaste in my mouth as the prequels did...

That`s not to say everything about this book is bad, and especcially the Sidious / Yoda political battles are nice to read, but in general I think this would / could have been a better story if it could just be like 50 or 100 pages longer.

Inspirational Lego # 85

Another monday, so here we go with a fresh amount of awesome builds found on the internet, in the hopes that you get inspired as well and moc the living daylights out of your collection ;-)

Or just want to see some nice things before a fresh working week :-D

We start the week with an awesome rendition of Puerto Polo, from the excellent Monkey Island games.  Who said the Pirate life wasn`t something hilarious and chaotic, especcially if your name is Guy.

This abandoned base makes fantastic use of discoloured white elements...

An excellent rendition of the Ant-Man movie poster.

A microscale encounter between the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey.

This build makes it all look a bit more feisty and spices things up a little on monday morning

The egyptian gods also make their presence felt with this great use of the Mixels joints and all.

Dumbledore's Statue, a vignette from Harry Potter

The very first US submarine, developped by the Confederates to try and break the Union blockage, is a gorgeous piece of historical building.

If like me you're a kid of the 80s and "saturday morning" cartoons, you will definitly remember Jace and the Wheeled Warriors.

A great microscale build of Ghostbusters, I love the details like the tiny ECTO-1 and all.

And so we have it again, a selection of 10 cool moc's out there, and I hope you love 'em!

zondag 28 augustus 2016

The Middle Earth Lego Minifigures Catalog - Christoph Bartneck

I got this book through Amazon the past week, more out of completeness sake then about having to see which figures I lack in my collection.

Now, it`s a 34 page thick booklet, which includes both of LEGO's "Tolkien" ranges, being The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The book begins with a small explanation about the codes used in the book, how the average prices listed are calculated (basically, the september 2015 to februari 2016 averages on BrickLink) and then we move to the pages that have a picture of every minifig, it`s set numbers it could be found in, the usal likes.

On the one hand, at nearly 12 pounds it`s expensive for such a little book, but on the other hand, since it`s highly doubtful we ever will see a new Tolkien wave of sets appear for LEGO unfortunatly, it`s doubtless it will ever go "out of date" and be incomplete that way.

The Haul Report # 44

It`s sunday again, so time to make the compilation of the stuffsies I got for my collection.

Nothing really big or spectacular this time, though there are some very nice buys and trades around.

The focus this week (well, because they all arrived this week lol) is the hunting for signatures on the coming conventions.  Gerald Home is coming to Hascon in two weeks, and he portrayed Captain verrack in Return of the Jedi.  Who is basically the Mon Calamari officer NEXT to Akbar on the screen.

I also got myself another Hagrid, because everytime I see resident BeLUG member Dirk Denoyelle, I remember I still have to ask him to sign the model.  He voiced the gentle half-giant in the flemish edition of the movies you see.

The third one is an 8th Doctor.  Paul McGrath has been announced for FACTS this fall, and of course that is one signature I really want.  I found this lovely custom figure in Canada, so that is the one that will be going along.

My BrickLink orders with the final pieces for the Battlestar also arrived in the first half of the week...

... as did a small order for another small project I`m doing, and which MUST be ready for Hascon in two weeks.

I also did a nice little trade with someone of my friends groep.  In exchange for the card poster that came this year with the limited edition "May the Fourth" event and two rank and file Star Wars figures (a pilot and a snowtrooper) I obtained 6 Union troops from the Lone Ranger range for my Fredericksburg idea to build.

The final buy has been the Middle-Earth minifigure collector`s guide.  Now, since I have the whole range, and now them by hard, this wasn`t really a must have for me.  But it`s a nice thingie to have in the Legobrary just for completeness sake.

That`s it for the week, see you all again next time for some little odds and ends :-)

zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

Dimensions Marathon 2 result

So I planned a second marathon to get those 480 bricks out of the way at last the past week, since I would be taking care of the GF with her sprained ankle anyways.

But due to circumstances, it was a failure in the end... 

I had aimed to get at least 375 bricks, and had an excellent start to this goal.  The first session made me complete every minikit collecting of the "base" game, completed both the DC and the Lego Movie worlds to their 100% and granted me 41 gold bricks overall.

The day after, I managed to smack another 20 bricks to the tally, bringing me to 371 total then.  This would definitly be going the good way... and then the weather kicked in.

Including temperatures over 40 degrees (this pic was taken thursday at 19.30, you can imagine the heat during the daytime), I preferred to move away from the room near that window (where the tele and ps3 are located) and go sit in a slightly colder area and build that Battlestar I featured yesterday.

Oh well, I`ll smack some more bricks on a later date then, I still have a month before the awesome looking year 2 comes out...

vrijdag 26 augustus 2016

Battlestar Galactica

Okay, so this is perhaps the prime example of how a rebooted series can be better then the original, even with the (gorgeous) female Starbuck...

And I just wanted to have a Battlestar in my Lego collection, which is something they don`t produce at all.

I think it all started with an old HispaBrick (the great free download Lego fan magazine), issue 14 I think, where a plethora of Battlestars past the gallery.  I went to look for instructions to build one myself, when someone send me an LDD file with the plans to do so.  Some modifications where done in the about 3000 piece old beast, and then the stacking of plate upon wedge upon plate could begin.

A build done over three days during the heatwave that struck Belgium later, the Galactica was ready to stand on my shelf, all nearly 5 kilo`s of it.

woensdag 24 augustus 2016

Build Report: 41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace

In today's build report we are taking a look at a set from the Disney Princesses range, and one I bought for a variety of reasons.

First their is Jasmine, who has already been incorporated in my pirate town, and second there are the printed pieces of the carpet, again already re-used into Quinnsville.

Opening the set, we get two bags of parts, two booklets and a sticker sheet which I didn`t use in this build, as the set was bought for the parts actually.

Figure wise we get the awesome Jasmine minidoll and the little tiger companion.

And the first part of the build is actually something for the little tiger, as we are putting together his feeding spot, starting on a tan 4x4 plate.

The palmtree to provide shade is nicely done, using brown cone elements and a torch at the top to hold the palmleaves.

Next, we move on to the magical flying carpet, also starting around a 4x4 plate.

I just adore these printed elements, and they where one of the motivations to have this set.

Clipped elements are used to represent the fraying on the carpet, which hold space for both the tiger and for Jasmine to ride on it.

The third mini build in the set is a simple pedestal to place the magical lamp on, nothing fancy about this. 

Now the set is basically a collection of small builds and a palace facade, and the next little build is a potions cabinet.

Those "spickled" transparent cones where a great suprise for me, I hadn`t paid attention to them on the box, but it made me watch this set if it ever came into clearance to stock it up and get a lot of these for my mocs that way.  Unfortunatly, it never did around here...

Brown telescopes are used for closet frames as we use pink and purple slopes to make the overhang.

Another small build, the fountain is remarkable for one thing: the spickled flame at the top to represent the water.

And believe it or not, we then move on to the actual palace!  It is based around two tan 8x8 plates, so not much `palace` about it in the end, which is to be expected as we used about half the set on all the previous minibuilds.

Large white curved panels serve as the sides for the main wall.

Using pastelpink and the gorgeous "caramel" arches, the doorway was assembled.

This is then plated up and round plates are put on it to place the balcony.

That balcony is also filled with very intresting elements, all in golden colour.  The large "quarter domes" for example are another nice piece in this set.

Once the railing and the roof is done, the outer facade is ready.

For the interior, we build some very simple furniture elements.

As we add some small details like flames to the exterior, and golden twirlies, the palace has been raised.

Like always, nice stack of parts are left over:

And the full set completed:

Okay, so this isn`t really a palace, but more a minidoll playset, which I`m totally okay with.  I loved the set for all the great parts in it - the printed carpet ends, the golden pieces, all those speckled transparant elements, and to great figures - combined with a nice heap of tan and browns.  This is what for me as more a moc`cer then a set collector makes this a great buy set!