zondag 4 oktober 2015

The Machine Buffalo

My latest, and probably final build for Andromeda`s Gates as I just can`t get the knack of building good spacey models (curvatures are my curse), this one is a bit of a special thingie I put together.  Well, unless of course with challenges, and if I have the time to do so.

The Machine Buffalo was the mobile base of the 80s japanese Super Sentai show `Liveman` (that what would become Power Rangers in the western world) which disgorged the small animal vehicles that would combine in a giant robot.

Now, I went with the looks and design of the vessel, and included one of the beasts as well, as a sort of `mobile battle tank` for my adventurers in the tale.

The vessel is armed with big plasmablasters, as can be seen as this one fires his deadly load towards the enemies of Kawashita.

The top hatch opens to be able to launch the Talon, a small birdlike scouting drone to do reconnaisance over the surrounding area.

The large front hatch opens to reveal the command center, where the operations of the tank are controlled.

The rear hatch is the ammunitions depot, featuring blasters, electro sticks and the likes.

It was rather fun to build and challenging to get the angles consistent with the original vessel from the television show, but now I have to erect some castle walls again ;-)

Lego Build: 71170 The Dimensions Portal

So I picked up my copy yesterday, which was the PS3 version, and today I`m tackling the build of the portal itself.

Now mind you, this is a pure cosmetical build, as it makes no difference to the game wether you add the bricks to the portal or not, but is does look damn cool in front of the television compared to the otherwise bland grey and white platform.

The full set comes with the game cd, a help number note, a checklist poster, the portal and a box of elements, and it is on that last one we are going to focus.

Opening the box, you have three bags of elements: the minifigs, the portal and the batmobile.  Like I said yesterday in the first impressions post, all of it is purely cosmetical, and the small vehicles and gadgets don`t have instructions in the book.  You either build them through the game, or download the PDF for them from the Lego site itself.

These are the bases that control your characters ingame data.  The figures are detachable, and they are clearly labelled with symbols to show whose base it is.  The minifigs DO make it handier to move them along the pad during gameplay.

The main portal build begins on this newly designed baseplate, the hole in the center being for the smallest of the three play areas on the pad.

The whole set uses decals, as well as a lot of sky blue elements, adding to it`s gamey feeling as the colours are strongly contrasting to the dark grey of the base.

Trans light blues are used to circle the central area of the toypad, to make it even stand out more.

These elements are new for me personally.

To the backside, we add a small technic construction.  This will serve to hold the ring upright.

These printed shields are the `elements` whom are the core of the game.  You`ll need to collect those during the storyline and they are also included on the portal to add to it`s visual esthetics.

Next is the ring, this is made up mostly by large light blue triangle beam pieces.

Once the circle is done, they are all locked in place with 2x4 and 2x3 pieces.

This circle is then `dressed up` to get it`s more spacey feeling with dark blue curves and grey hooks.

The connector structure to add the ring to the base is then made and added to the underside of the ring.

Adding some more details in the form of decals and icey blue teeth to represent the vortex opening, we now are in possession of the completed ring.

Connecting this to the base, we get a very Stargate like feeling... which is a cool thing btw.

We do get some extra elements (and some more from the batmobile, but keep those apart for if you want to change it`s configuration in brickform).

And the whole set stands completed.

So far, I have enjoyed the game, and the build of the portal was rather okay as well.  This is going to be worth it`s euro`s, and let`s be honest, it might be a bit more expensive then Skylanders of Infinity as a starter, but the portal looks far cooler then the flat plate of the other two!

zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

Breaking the Rules: Lego Dimensions

So we have the game at last, and the portal is build as well.

Now, Dimensions, like The Lego Movie, makes us remember an old lesson in my opinion: mix and match your Lego, don`t be rule specific about it.

While I`ll be doing a `build report` on the portal one of these days, the game itself is in the style of all the TT Games lego has released the past years, making it easier to step in.  But this Skylander style game has one benefit: the portal is actually part of the game, instead of just standing there with some toy figure on it.

For some puzzles you need to put figures on the pad in certain areas, or remove them to be freed once your caught by the bad guys.

Another thing I`ve been saying and has proven my right, is that the whole Lego aspect is pure cosmetical.  As I expected, the figures are loose on the footpieces which contains the chips, so you basically can play using only those discs and the non build up toy pad.  The same goes for the vehicles or gadgets, you just can build them anyway you like, the online version is stored in the footpiece.

But of course, it just looks a lot cooler using the Lego that comes with the set.  Mind you, the small sets and in this starter set the Batmobile do not come with printed instructions.  You should build it when you unlock it ingame and follow the instructions, or go to the Lego site and there you can download the pdf for every build ingame.

For me, it`s a winner for sure, as I not only love playing Lego games, the mix and match nature of this one makes it just that bit cooler :-)

The state of the current WIP`s

Okay, so since the last time I posted about some display MOC`s I`ve started to work on, I have been busy... without actually getting somewhere.

While the Dale display is ready and will be featured soonishly, I have been making good progress as well on the Gallimimus one, having it nearly ready.

The fences where added this week, and I managed to put in some greenery, so now it is only detailing left to do as well as taking some decent pictures.

I`ve also already started some preliminary work on other display`s for the next year.  The first of these will be the Dilophosaurus paddock for Jurassic World, where I`m planning on putting the jeep on a road on the left, while the orb goes with the beast into the territory itself. 

These are just some mental images though, as I`m still working first on the surrounding border of the display.

Even further down the line will be two builds for Harry Potter.  One will be combining the sets of the Philospher`s Stone into one big sequence, which I`m planning to do as a sort of tower, with the Corridor on top, then the chamber of the winged keys below it and as such leading towards the final confrontation.

This will be a rather high build as such, and I`m still thinking on how I`m going to be tackling the actual build up, and most importantly how the roof will be done, but that is for the beginning of 2016, as I`m aiming to get the Harry Potter builds ready for Antwerp Convention the 1st of May.

The other build I`ve been laying the bricks down for, and now standing ready to be bordered before being build on, will be the Duelling Club idea I have from the second movie.  Not quite sure how I`ll be doing the table exactly, I`m stocking in on 1x1 tiles for sure to make the big carpet that was on the podium first...

Time will tell how and if it will turn out alright, but I`m relatively confident the time schedule at least will be do-able ;-)