vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6274 Carribean Clipper

In today's classic build report, it's time for my ALL TIME favorite sailing ship of the Lego range, the little Carribean Clipper.

I had this ship since I was like 10 years old and the Pirates line came out.  My friend had the big pirate vessel, and I faced him on the dangerous oceans of the Lawn Seas with the smaller vessel.

It must be the uniforms of the troops that made me pick the soldier's sets back then, and cue 25+ years forward, this is actually the third clipper I`ve build over the ages.

The set comes with 4 crew members, one clearly being an officer.

One of the pins of the flag was broken, but it still held on sans probleme.

The first thing we do is fill in the brown prefab hull piece.

Next, the base of the large mast is build and placed in the fron prefab piece, so that we can attach the anchor to it.

The small mid-section is then equipped with connection pieces underneath.

Topside, the guiding rails for the cannons are placed.

The rudder is put together and attached as we connect all the prefab hull pieces together to get the line of the ship.

The bow is then build up using black slopes.

Next, the front part of the vessel is put together, and the small bowmast is added to it.

The cabin at the back is next on the to do list, as sides are build up and windows are inserted at the back of the ship.

The sides of the vessel then get decorated as they are build up.

The platform for the steering wheel is then prepared.

The mast gets some crossbars installed to attach the sails to afterwards.

The steering wheel and the small mast are then build and installed on the poop deck.

The rigging is added as we attach the main sails to the large mast.

And the glorious ship stands completed:

I love it.  It was a true joy and return to childhood to build this vessel once again, and she will always have a central place in my childhood memories!

The Haul Report # 52

A few days earlier due to various reasons, I`m already here with the gains for the collection this week.

Well, plural might be exaggerating...

You see, I only got this Harry Potter figure, for my `worth then gold` experiment, as I grabbed him from a Facebook group at 2 euro.  Bit of a bargain really for this guy that only appeared in the first version of the giant spider Aragog set.

Now, since I`ll be at FACTS all weekend with BeLUG (expect a huge report on monday) and as I usually close of my finds tally on the fridays anyways, that is the reason I already shared it this time round.  So until next sunday, and may all your hunts turn out fruitfull!

donderdag 20 oktober 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6032 Catapult Crusher

Today's build reports is a set from the Kingdoms range from 2000.

Containing a good 50 parts and a minifigure, this was one of the war machines of the "bull" faction.

The minifig is one of the bull helmet wearing troopers.

The build begins on a dark grey plate of 4x6 onto which the wheel connectors are added.

Once the axels are installed, a plate is added to it and the hinge for the catapult added.

This is then build up and the large catapult arm is installed.

The top is then closed up and the large wheels installed.

Next we put on some details, and the machine is ready for action.

The full set completed:

It`s a nice little set, but lacks anything really spectacular to make it stand out.  

dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

Ash and Pikachu

The last build I did for the FACTS convention coming up this weekend, is this small 16x32 mosaic.

Our brave heroes of to adventure!

Putting me all back in the glorious 4 bit era of the Game Boy Color, this is the way you could see the both of them walking around in Pokemon Yellow I believe it was (hey, don`t blame me, it`s been over 20 years ago)...

And now, I`m al ready and packed up for the convention, so if any of you are present, drop by and say hi at our BeLUG stand

The Science Fiction Marathon afterthought

Well, that was it then, 12 science fiction related movies watched in little over a week due to circumstances.

It had some jewels, some disappointments, and great works...

The best, objectively speaking, was Mad Max: Fury Road, though I did enjoy Star Trek Beyond and Edge of Tomorrow as well for a great deal.
Though for Beyond, I might have been biased a bit of course.

A welcome suprise for me was Doppleganger, an old movie and rather enjoyable, and the Hithchiker`s Guide put some smiles on my face.

The B-Movie Starcrash had a lot of shortcomings, but for a B-movie flick it was okay considering the competition back then it had to go up against (Star Wars...).

Thunderbird 6 and Ratchet and Clank where the only ones out of 12 movies that "failed", as they just weren`t any good unfortunatly. 

But the good thing is, I managed to get some backlog material done now, and I can start thinking about what and when I`ll do a fresh marathon for the next batch of "clearing up"...

Anyways, here are the results as totally subjective viewed by yours truly:

1. Mad Max: Fury Road - 8.5 / 10

2. Edge of Tomorrow - 8 / 10
2. Star Trek Beyond - 8 / 10

4. The Last Starfighter - 7 / 10
5. The Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy - 6.5 / 10
5. John Carter of Mars - 6.5 / 10
5. Doppleganger - 6.5 / 10
8. Elysium - 6 / 10
9. Starcrash - 5 / 10
9. The Last Days on Mars - 5 / 10

11. Ratchet and Clank - 4.5 / 10
12 Thunderbird 6 - 4 / 10

Thunderbird 6

The final movie of the marathon, we have the classic, and end of the series, second film of the Thunderbirds series.

Now, I always loved Thunderbirds, but this movie was responsible for the cancellation of the series in it`s totality.


Brains is approached to build a revolutionary airplane, SkyPlane One, for NWAC, and at his launch Alan, Tin-tin, Lady Penelope and Parker are present as special guests while Brains remains on Tracy island to desing a sixth Thunderbird vessel.

However, the crew has been murdered and replaced by agents of the Hood, and when the Thunderbirds discover the rouse, they set out to regain control of the vessel.  However, Brains is required on the scene and flies there with an old Tiger Moth.


Nope, this wasn`t that great a movie.  While the dolls have been updated with the newer Captain Scarlet style, the fact the hero of the movie is an old biplane that does a better job then the Thunderbird vessels themselves raises an eyebrow.

It`s also a very slow movie in my opinion, as the 90 minutes seemed to drag on forever unfortunatly, and the swansong (before the renewed series that aired last year) was a true dying breath back in the 60s for the franchise.

Rating: 4 / 10