donderdag 23 februari 2017

Dimensions Marathon 1: day 4

Ah, this has been a good night for sure.

Now that all the regular levels are complete, I could grind away in the pen-ultimate evening from this first marathon.

And the results showed, as I cleared out the remainder of Middle Earth, putting that world to a close.

But not only that, in on and off jumping into other Dimensions, I added a lovely 46 gold bricks to the total.  That means that tonight, I`m going for the big push to get at least 115 bricks to reach the goal of 600.

Now, in addition to the red brick from the A Team world, I also got the hidden Vorton Disco brick.  This unlocks as soon as you total 480 gold bricks (the amount, but not the exact bricks, of Year One), so that`s of the target list as well.

All in all, I`m now at an already decent 485 bricks, which is over a third of all the bricks in the game...

See you all tomorrow for the finale, and if I reached my projected 600 bricks!

woensdag 22 februari 2017

Classic Lego Build: 4762 Rescue from the Merpeople

In today's build report I have an old Harry Potter set I aquired at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2015 (and gave to the kid in the meantime), the Rescue from the Merpeople.

The set hauls from 2005, and counted 154 parts and 5 excellent figures.

These figures are Harry in his swimsuit, Ron and Hermione with their eyes closed as they are unconscious under water, Victor Crum with his sharkhead and a merman guardian.

The first small thing we build is the small rowing boat that comes with the set.  nothing to fancy on this one.  The base is two brown inverted slopes.

On top of this, a border is made of grey elements, and the oars are added on this.

Next, we have a small scenery piece that goes with the set, and it`s based on a blue plate.

A small push lever is installed at the back, and then surrounded with some dark blue transparent elements for the watery effect.

The rock is build up next, and a trans green plant is used to decorate it.  The lobster (a scorpion model) is then inserted in the cavity.

We now start the big build of the set, being a rock on which the hostages are connected.  Again it`s based on blue plates, to represent the watery bottom.

A hinge is added on the side for the second baseplate to be connected to.

First, we build the launcher to go with the base, for the play feature of the set.  This is added to the back of this base.

Blue arches are put around and closes off the edges of this build, as we use plates all over the top.  The Technic plate is to hold the hostages later on that pops up with the catapult we just build.

The second plate that goes in this build, contains the stairs leading up to the dias.

A plant is inserted based around a Technic pin on the dias.

The knife is put inside the transgreen cone of this small construction, bravely guarded by a crab!

This fits on the top of the stair build as they are hidden from the heroes.

Ron and Hermione are "equipped" with Technic pins at their feet, to be placed inside the Technic plate holes at the dias.  If you push the lever at the back, the figures will pop out as such...

The octopus is added to a green frame, and then by using hinge elements it looms over those trying to climb the stairs.

The top of the dias switches from blue to green as we continue the build with arches to build up the height.

These blue orbs nicely represent a jellyfish.

And as such, the set stands completed:

It`s a great set, with a lot of unique minifigures to this set, even for the three main heroes!

Dimensions Marathon 1: day 3

It`s been a loooooong night, as I have been hunting around in levels until 4 this morning.

But I did manage to complete some "goals" I wanted to get in this 5 day streak of Dimensions: get every remaining minikit and captured person of all the season 1 levels.

The first I managed to do this with was that horrible Midway Arcade level.  I really suck at those old arcade games, so this was a tedious job to get them all completed.

Next, one of the greatest franchises in the game was on the menu (though like Midway, i`m not to fond of the hub world, I tend to get lost in there), Portal 2.

The Ghostbusters level was also completed front to back.

As was Doctor Who, including a trip to the UNIT base hidden in the level.

Now, all in all that means I didn`t get that many golden bricks as such, clocking off at only 8 for this session, BUT it does free up a lot of time for the future plays on the game, as well as opening up some more golden brick events in the hub worlds themselves.

So for now the tally is at 439 golden bricks, and two nights to go to
1. Complete as many season 1 hubworlds possible.
2. Get to at least 600 golden bricks.

Game on!