maandag 15 januari 2018

An update on the Wayland rant

Well, that went fast...

Yesterday, I uploaded the video in which I kind of went into a rant on the lack of customer service by one of their employees, and just now, they dropped me a letter.

Another customer service employee, a lady named Andrea, send me a DECENT reply this time round, with all the things you would expect.  She has been checking my order, and saw that one part of it hasn`t arrived to them yet (Rokitas bikes to be exact), holding back all of the order.

In order to resolve this, she will be sending my order without them, then have the bikes come afterwards when they get them, free of postage charge ofc.

See, that`s the kind of simple solutions I like.  I don`t need heaps of freebies and apologies and stuff, but I would have been far lass pissed had the first one not taking me for a braindead manatee with silly excuses.

Power of social media?  Perhaps.  But for me, this simple e-mail went a long way to giving them another chance perhaps in the future.

Code: Realize

Now before you all go thinking "does he actually watch those", the answer is yes.

Keep in mind that this anime, like so many, is 12 - 13 episodes long, at about 22 minutes each.  So binging a full series takes about 4 hours in the end.

And this was a happy discovery.  It was one of those series I just randomly clicked on streaming services as it passed through the oversight page, and sat back and indulge myself.  Based on a PS Vita graphic novel, this anime adaption was released just a few months ago, ending the day before christmas.

Set in Victorian London, the story revolves around Cardia, a girl with poisonous blood.  This curse makes her being called a monster, but one day a magician named Arsene Lupin snatches her away and into his team.  This team is made up of some famous figures of the time, consisting of Impey Barbicane, Abraham Von Helsing, Victor Frankestein and the Count de Saint-Germain. 
Later they are joined by Dracula... a young girl in this incarnation.  Herlock Sholmes and Nemo are in there as well (the first prolly a copywright issue) as they battle a mysterious scientist who wants to let the world burn.

The series, giving a very League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-ish vibe, is drawn beautifully.  The story is good, and the mysteries of how it is all put together well kept until the final episodes, making some twists in the story.

For me the best one I saw so far this year... and that is even after two Gundam series...

zondag 14 januari 2018

Club observations, AHPC and a Wayland rant... Opinion

Hello everyone,

It`s been a while since I terrified you guys with my ugly mug, but today I did another general opinion video.

In this not so exciting piece, I`m clipping sprues... and talking a bit about observations I made on TSA about games and scales played the past half year, how I need to "up my game" for the Painting Challenge, and a how I am pissed about the (lack of) customer service at Wayland Games...

Feel free to comment!

The Haul Report 116

Well, today would have been a blank episode for the first time in many months.

No orders came in, though there is one I`m seriously feeling about ranting, no trips to hobby stores or conventions, no sales at the club...

But then I was walking around with Noshi in Antwerp and we went inside a store called Cash Converters just to have a look.

Inside there where literally masses of DVD boxes, and where priced a single euro.  I snatched up this one from one of the racks, and though the inner "clips" for the discs are damaged (I`ll exchange the box one of these days) there was no way I was letting this one slip by.  heck, it`s on the viewing menu somewhere this week, perhaps even tonight.

A double disc, it features battles from both the AWI (Valley Forge and a story about Wahington), and four from the ACW (Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg and Cold Harbor) each being around 45 minutes in playtime.

Just don`t mind the backtext, as not only do they get the years all wrong (Cold Harbor in 1854 instead of 1864), they even managed to switch the wars around for the index on the back...

Sengoku Musou

The anime series I binged tonight was more in the shonen genre, as Sengoku Musou, or Samurai Warriors, is a series from 2015.

Running for 12 episodes, this is an adaption of the Samurai Warriors 4 video game, one of those mass battle games I tend to play as well.

The story is set near the end of the Samurai era, when the gun is making it`s way to the battlefield.  But none the less, there is till a place for warriors of the more honourable weapons. 
When a conflict arises between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans after the death of the unifier of Japan, Hideyoshi Toyotomi. 

Central in this conflict are the brothers Yukimura and Nobuyuki of the Sanada clan, who both sided with a different faction in the conflict.

The anime is, frankly put, nothing special.  It`s not particularly bad, but neither is it one of greatness.  The animation itself is a bit rudementary for my taste as well, though I must admit it has a great soundtrack for both intro and outro musics.

Oh, and a flying, bomb-throwing, squirrell...

zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Securing the Road - ACW BatRep

Yesterday evening at TSA I joined in for the first time in the homemade rules by Rudi, to fast play the American Civil War.

Now, with this being my favorite historical period, I was totally pumped up and in character for this of course ;-)

The rules are home made, and revolve around basic regiments of 4 figure elements ranging between 4 to 6 elements per regiment.  The game is written to be fast play, easy to access (I picked up the whole mechanics in about 1 turn of play) and is about 5 pages long, so great for a game on friday night.

Both sides had identical forces for this game, containing of 6 infantry regiments of 16 soldiers each, a cavalry regiment and an artillery battery.  Walfred and Sam took command of the south, while Axel and myself commanded the Union (Tomsche's personal wargame rule #3: under no circumstance ever will I play the Confederacy).  Axel grabbed the cavalry unit, I commanded the artillery (remember my defensive play style article).

The scenario was a straightforward engage and destroy, with a road running through the center of the table.  I commanded our right win, with the cannons deployed on the road itself in order to blast away at any infantry moving up it.

Our infantry started moving forward to put up the defensive line as the Confederacy moved forward en masse.

Union cavalry is going for a move over the far left flank, where they will dismount and engage the confederate infantry in ranged fire.

The confederate cavalry in the meantime streamed over the hills across my line.

My lines deploy and engage the opposing infantry regiments.  Both our sides (mine and Sam) would become champions in passing hopeless morale tests (scoring like 3s and 4s on rolls of 1d10 + 1d6) during the battle, causing the units to be reduced to small straggler forces of 5 to 7 men strong and such in time.

My Cannons in the meantime engaged in an artillery duel with the opposing battery.  rolling 4 sixes to hit in a row, they blasted the confederate batteries to smithereens and then be able to rule the battlefield.  Needless to say, the turn they had free reign they missed everything...

The confederate cavalry sweeps further wide, preparing itself to charge one of my smaller regiments in the flank... so I screened my back by deploying my third regiment in line.

On the other flank, Axel was pushing the Confederate line slowly backwards, slow and steadily securing that flank of the table.

I failed to mangle the cavalry enough though, and they passed their casualty tests, charging into the regiment.  While they mangled the unit causing 6 casualties on it, in retaliation they also lost 4 of their number.  This caused both units to botch their test and become broken...

That`s where the game ended, but it was a Union victory.  Axel`s flank was secured, and while mine had some small units left unbroken on both sides, I still had a totally fresh regiment moving up, and the threat of the cannon battery which could massacre and cause morale tests on the opponent at a rate of a test for each shot...  or even have enough firepower to annihilate the small surviving units on the tableside.

It`s a good and easy ruleset, and I had a blast playing.  Though next time, I`ll bring along my own corps I guess x-D

On the Painting Desk 29

A lot of work has been done for the AHPC, meaning the desk has been half cleared this week of work in progress figures.

You`ll be able to check them out on my blog during the coming week, as they will appear their thursday normally as usual, so expect a heap of small ECW figures and something chinese...


Now to tackle a heap of pink the coming week