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Congratulations to RYAN CANUSO for winning the Zane Limited Edition polybag

woensdag 25 mei 2016

Stargate Atlantis BC-304 Daedalus

Based on the instructions of a clone brand called Best Lock, I counted out what I needed in "real" LEGO bricks and went on to build this iconic vessel from the Stargate franchise.

The model is just under 40 studs long, meaning it`s a good size for both transportation and for looking `the real deal` on a detail level, without going to overdetailed.

I always liked the look of the vessel, the first of 4 BC-304 cruisers that the Tau'Ri (aka, humanity) build along her sisterships Korolev, Apollo and Odyssey.

Being a battle carrier, the pods at her side are launch bays for the F-302 fighter, and the vessel incorporated Asgardian technology (and a technician in the beginning) for at first a stardrive, and later on plasma beams as well.

Hope you like it!

dinsdag 24 mei 2016

To Boldly Go...

My beloved Star Trek turns 50 this year, and as such I`m putting together some builds (at last) within my beloved franchise of franchises.

Yeah, and I definitly will be getting the Mega Bloks Enterprise...

But for all my adventures in Lego, I went and put together the players of TOS, with left to right my takes on Scotty, Spock, Kirk and McCoy.

This is gonna be fun to build in :-)

maandag 23 mei 2016

Inspirational Lego #31

Another monday, another selection of 10 cool builds I came across on the internet.

And we start this week with a big bad machine... that looks better in Lego then in it`s source material.

Devastator was a bit of a clunky mess in the second Transformers movie... and seeing what clunky messes most of the Transformers actually where, that is saying something.

This Harry Potter vignette is great, from the Chambers of Secrets movie when he can`t pass the barrier to grab the Hogwarts Express due to Dobby`s influence.

A mighty castle stands guard on the northern borders of Mitgardia

This is a cool looking fighter, with it`s awesome rounded lines.

Who would be faster, the Flash or Superman?

Some great mosaics from an astronaut are the next thing I stumbled across.

A very creepy picture to adorn your wall... it looks like it could burst forward from the frame any moment.

Combining two very popular figures, you get something like Superchu.

Now this is something I`d love to get the instructions from... as art... for the bedroom ;-)

We started with a big badass robot, so let`s end this week with a cute and loveable one then :-)

And that`s the selection for this week.  It *might* be that next week`s episode in one day later, due to being at a convention until sunday evening and probably being knackered and having to do the report on it.

Take care and brick on!

zondag 22 mei 2016

Mechelen Speelstad 2016

For the third year in a row, we had been invited by LEGO Benelux to attend Mechelen Speelstad, not really a convention, but a real children event.
So we send along 6 of our most serious members for a day of entertaining the little ones.

Meet the team
Top Row: Kris, yours truly and Inge
Bottom Row: Matthieu, Wilfried and Saskia, who has just joined BeLUG 2 days ago.

Mechelen Speelstad basically changes the center of the city into one big playground, with a lot of activities for the kids to do, a lot of children orientated clubs and institutions present, and a podium with the Ketnet Band amongst others that brought live music.

There where a lot of cool acts, like stiltwalkers and spacemen, as well as lot of cosplayers present.

I couldn`t make it to the other squares of the event, but the attendance, even though it was a rainy day, was really great, and the atmosphere truly relaxed.

I mean, even the local Police force could be swayed to touch their inner child for a moment...

I mean, we weren`t here to recruit AFOL`s (though we did ensnare one ;-) ) but to entertain children.  LEGO had a lot of activities in our tent, like build tables, Nexo Knight games and more.

They also brought along quite a few of those big `store display` statues.

Another thing they had present where the upcoming Friends sets for the summer release, including the awesome amusement park range.

Our booth included a variety of MOC`s, most but not all based around this years theme, Space. 

And here are some, but not by a longshot or this would be an immense post, some detailed pictures of the builds, taken by Saskia:

Of course, the inner person had to be strenghtened as well, until the bell tolled 5 and the event ended.  Personally, I really liked this event, it`ssomething completely different from what I usually attend, and they can put me down for next year again :-)

The Loot

While the event brick will follow, we did get some small freebies.  There where goodie bags distributed to the children by the event organisers, and we knew it had Lego polybags in it.  So I`ve put on my "smooth talking smile", went over and asked if they had some of the bags for 6 grown children.  It wasn`t a problem at all, so apart from some glow in the dark stickers and such (the smurf loves them), I got myself an ARC fighter polybag.

We also got a small Friends polybag (the other choice was a Bionicle one) for our efforts, while at the Lego booth itself I snatched up one of the Club magazines, still a pity they don`t send them out anymore.

And now?  Only 4 more days before I leave for the next convention on the menu, as next weekend our very own Brick Mania Liege is taking place in Cheratte.  Expect a full report probably next monday, and maybe I`ll see you all there?