zondag 18 februari 2018

The Haul Report 121

A very busy week this time, as a lot of things have been added to the collection...

Though not necessarily expensive ones, as I got a nice amount of freebies as well.

But first things first, and that is that I picked up my copy of the newest White Dwarf this week, which came with three freebies as well.  A mini novel, a discount card for the new Martyr video game and two character cards for the licensed Heroes of Black Reach boardgame.

In the series essentials, I picked up some more tubes of superglue...

Now, time for a sad story.  I had every Crisis figure up to my "break" in 2013, and some of the later ones.  But somewhere down the line, they seem to have been lost.  Thanks to eBay for the Dulle Griet, one of the hardest to find, I could get that one again for 6 GBP.  But one of my dear friends at the club Willie came to my rescue, providing me with a copy of every miniature bar the very first one... and that elusive fella will soon join my ranks as well thanks to another co-clubbie, Tom.

The final purchase was another essential, as I had David print some movement trays for my Union, a bargain at half a euro a pice.

So that`s a nice heap of figures for this week!  Now to get those figures painted up for the revelation page project that comes soon to this blog!

zaterdag 17 februari 2018

TSA Clubevening 16th of february 2018

Yesterday, I wasn`t playing any games at the club myself, so that meant I went to have a look around and bring another oversight of the games being played...

While it was busy this week, there weren`t actually that many games being played, as a lot of people where out for the school holidays this week, combined with a strike in the public transportation network...

The eye catcher for me this evening was Patrick and Vincent presenting the Test of Honour game.  I love Patrick's scenery, and the models where painted rather nicely, a real looker for me.

On the boardgame front, Hold the Line was being played at two different tables tonight.  Nations was also being played later on, but I forgot to take a picture, sorry Arno.

A game of Chain of Command was in full swing by Arne.

More Too Fat Lardies, as Glenn took on Pierre in a Dux campaign game, defending his village from a raid by the latter.

Two tables of 40k where in full swing, in the first Jo took on Dimitri with his Aeldari against the Genestealer Cult.

The second game of 40k however has big consequences for my geekgasm brain.  David fielded his Tau against Michel's Blood Angels.

So what happened?  I wanted to show Noshi that "anime style" army I talked about, and then noticed the new generation of suits has a more slender look then the old, boxier, bodyworks... those models just cry Gundam!  I made the mistake of googling around a bit to the Forge World site, where I saw the Supremacy suit.

I won`t exagerate to say I reached such an intense geekgasm right there on the spot Nemesis even got a bit scared of the look in my eyes... guess where that AoS army is going to be transferred into!

Speaking of Noshi, she was happily slaughtering dungeon denizens in Heroquest... or rather, ran off with the gold... as the Barbarian... so proud of my girl, seems my play style is starting to rub off on her hehehehe.

That`s it for this week, a nice variety even if there wasn`t that much people... next week it`s the annual meeting, with a special announcement from your little reporter, so check back then!

vrijdag 16 februari 2018

One goes as one comes

Well, I have been talking about my issues about Age of Sigmar a few months ago, and during that time I kept pondering it.

Now, I added my conclusions / decisions to this little video I uploaded to YouTube, just because I liked to this time.

Just another quarter of an hour of my ramblings as I work on my Daemonettes for the AHPC8.

As usual I`m jumping around from left to right in my thoughts, but it generally thinking about dumping my Age of Sigmar, while starting another 40k project...

On the Painting Desk 34

Well, as the desk was nearly cleaned up the past weeks, I did what ever self-respecting gamer does...

Fill it up to the nook again after an all-nighter glueing figures and fingers together xD

From more warriors to Dux to heavy support for my Emperor's Children, I have been adding from all over the place.
The main target was to clean up a few boxes, like the last remainder (archers) of the Late Roman box I recruited the core of my Dux force with, or the second half of an ACW box for a fresh regiment from the OrBat...

Well, guess I better get undercoating and painting as a madman...

donderdag 15 februari 2018

Gotham by Gaslight

The most recent Batman story from the DC animated universe, Gotham by Gaslight takes us back to the beginning of the 1900s.

Now, this is a pretty fun given, putting familiar characters in an all different setting.

When a lady of the night, Poison Ivy, is yet another victim to a murderer nicknamed Jack the Ripper, Bruce Wayne / Batman sets out to investigate this.  In a society where the poor are supressed and women are looked at as inferior, he has to rely on the singer Selina Kyle to figure out the mystery... especially when he is framed himself for the murder of an old lady, a witness at one of the attacks by the Ripper.

This was a rather nice movie due to the change of setting and the dark mystery surrounding the villain. And what a reveal it was indead when the reasons, and the person, behind the killer is found...

Another lovely movie from the DCA stable, who is putting out far greater work then their cinema counterparts.

Starting a Paint Log

A small but essential little help for the hobby, I finally made myself what is called a "paint log".

Well, like a bit overdue... by a year or 20...

The Paint Log is just that actually, a logbook where you record your painting in, either chronologically or by the sort of figure you have been painting.  Personally, I went for the second option, as that allows me by the manner of an "index" first page, to quickly find what colours I used in regiments weeks, months or even years earlier over time.

Writing down either how I did the layers, or the colour combos for shading and highlighting and the likes, this allows me to keep a consistent colourscheme over an army.  All it requires is just writing down every step I make, and the brand of the paint I use.

And I can`t loose all the small papers of notes I used for this before anymore...

116th Pennsylvania... and some levies

This weeks entry into the Painting Challenge is one of the reasons I actually got into it, to build further on my full OrBat for the II Corps, 1 Division og Hancock, as it fought at Fredericksburg.

While I already finished some of the generals last week, this entry features one of the still many regiments to go for the campaign... the 116th Pennsylvania.

Part of the 2nd Brigade, better known as the Irish Brigade, this is the first brigade I'm aiming to complete because a) it's the Irish Brigade and b) their flags, compared to the other regiments in the division, are more wildely available.

Though truth to be told, the 116th is harder to find, I got mine through GMB designs, but Flags of War for example only has the other four regiments.  Typical of this fifth regiment of the brigade, is that they didn't carry the green flag, even though in the movie Gods and Generals, it is their colonel, Mulholland St Clair, that leads the charge in the film as the flags of Erin unfolded...

Of course, that meant I just had to give their commander a reddish orange beard and white gloves ;-)

In addition to the regiment, I also finsihed this lone sniper, in the green uniform typical of the earlier war and regiments like Brendan's Sharpshooters.  The model is the limited edition figure you receive if you order the Black powder ACW supplement directly from Warlord Games.

The final piece of my entry this week wasn`t planned at all for the challenge, but is a result of better then expected games in TSA's Dux Britanniarum campaign.  If all my troops after the first round debacle return, and with the hired mercenaries in my army, I would suddenly found myself short of one unit of levies for the battles to come.  So I grabbed 6 from the Dark Age box and painted up a fresh unit, just in case if my luck would stay with me...

So that's it for this week, all in all 31 figures in scale 28mm, so that amounts to a nice 155 points to the tally, and the crossing of the 1.000 treshhold huzzaah...