LEGO Middle Earth

The Tolkien MoC's of LEGO (My Own Creation) I'm the most proud of of building so far, as well as 'competition entries' and community builds.

The general idea of posting the ones here are those that will survive 'permanently' in my mind`s eye. When I came out of my Dark Ages, I drew on the map of Middle Earth which events and locations I wanted to build, and at more then 50, that's still a lot of builds to go.
On the other hand, I also want to build the map itself to fill in the areas between the MOC's overtime, and this would mean that the whole lay-out would come down to about 36 square meters... so needless to say, this is a project for years and years to come still.

Anyways, here is said map, and from there I`ll be updating it when builds are finished.  Blue circles represent things to build, red filled circles are those that have been completed so far...


The Road Goes Ever On

So I decided to enter the Middle Earth moccing contest on Eurobricks, detailing the works of JRR Tolkien`s Middle Earth.  The contest is organised in honor of the very last wave of sets coming out shortly, and I decided to enter Category C, in which you need to depict Bilbo in one his existing (or imagined by you) adventures.

The idea for this MoC is that when Bilbo set out from the Shire with the company of Thorin Oakenshield and Gandalf the Grey, he didn`t know anything outside his rural life.  During the long walk, Gandalf brought Bilbo up to date on what had come to pass in the world.  So we come to this moment in Bilbo`s unexpected journey that they pass some ruins of the men of old, all the while that Gandalf is telling stories of a past of glorious heroes and evil beings...

I based my build around the areas and atmosphere we get to see in the movie inbetween Bree and Rivendell, with the trolls and everything.  Here we often glimpse old ruins that nature has reclaimed, and fallen statues of mighty warriors that lost their battle with the elements.  It isn`t all that doom and gloomy looking per se, but for Bilbo, this is all a world of marvel and adventure... and took the title from the famous Bilbo song from the end of the book, and in sort sung by Gandalf at the beginning of the Lord of the Rings.

Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains in the moon.
Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star,
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known.

Middle Earth Lego Olympics 2014

I received an invitation over on MOCPages to participate in the MELO, a contest that will be facing off the 32 best builders from the qualifier League in a knock out tournament, to see who is the best Middle Earth builder.

Now, Round 1 is a qualifier round, and you had to choose from the 9 `big songs` of the movies to make a build around, and see if you can get through to the actual Olympics.  Chhosing `Into the West`, the ending song of Return of the King, I went for some radical style break for myself.

I never had build anything SNOT before in rockworks, and I never have build in micro-scale.  But yet I opted to try it out for this contest.  You see, with on the one hand all the The Hobbit craze, and on the other hand the song you can probably build the least around, I opted to go for the qualifier chance of not having the umpteenth variation build on a certain scene, and hopefully get through that way.  The scene is the one where the ship carrying Bilbo, Gandalf and Frodo out of Middle Earth and into the mystical lands of the Elves, the very, very final scene of the movies.

Unfortunatly, the build didn`t make me progress to the knock-out phase, stranding in 43rd place at 5 points of qualifying with 37 out of 60 points (the first 32 went on and had 42 points), from a total of 73 entries.

Bombur blows the Horn of Erebor

The breaking of the gates of Erebor is by far my favorite moment in the whole series of films, with at the moment of desperation, Bombur blowing a mighty horn and the bell crashes away the barricades.  It visually, and epically in music, struck me.

Nothing but an oaken branch

We were leaderless, defeat and death were upon us. That is when I saw him; the young dwarf prince facing down the Pale Orc. He stood alone against this terrible foe, his armour rent, wielding nothing but an oaken branch as a shield...

I always liked the tale of how Thorin became known as the Oakenshield, and in the first The Hobbit movie this is detailed rather beautiful, so I sat down to make a small vignette to represent the scene.

In it, Azog pounds on him, Thorin defending himself with an oaken branch as a shield before picking up a sword and severing the hand of the large pale orc.  To that end, I tried to pay attention to the small detail of not using Azog as he comes in the sets, but to make sure he has his left hand still.

I tried to have the branch look as in the movie for Thorin, looking more like a piece of bark then an actual branch there, and to represent `armoured but not king yet` Thorin, I went for his Battle of the Five Armies body with the hair from the The Hobbit wave 1 series instead of the crowned one, giving him a more armoured look.

It was also selected MOC of the Week for 18-25 october 2015 in the Fellowship of the Brick group by default, but who cares, it`s a week of free exposure ;-)

The Mirror of Galadriel

A small vignette for my evergoing Middle Earth project, this little scene hails from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Having just escaped the dark of Moria, and the fall of Gandalf, the Fellowship arrived in Lothlorien, home to the Lady Galadriel.

While resting, Frodo is summoned to the elven queen and gets to see in the magical waters of the Mirror, showing him a possible future.

Also, I still think it a shame The Battle of The Shire didn`t make the theatrical version of the story ;-)

The build itself makes used of an inverted dish for the bowl and for the water, and I`m really happy with how the watersource is blended in with the tree.

It picked up the win for the election of MOC of the Week on The Fellowship of the Brick for the 3 to 10th of december 2016 week, after this honour call has been quiet for a while.

Fog on the Barrow-Downs

Trying to make something suitable for Halloween in the Tolkien setting isn`t simple, and the fact I selected something that didn`t even made it into the movies makes it unknown as well to many people out there.

But nevertheless, I build this for the AFOL night last week, where it didn`t fall into the prices but did stand out from being completely different from all the Series 14 builds present, so that was a positive for me.

I really like how the trailing mist worked out on this build, something I`m definitly going to remember for future projects...

A Long-Expected Party

Finally I build a "habitat" module for our BeLUG club project "LEGO: Mijn Hobby" (my hobby).

And it actually took quite some brainstorming before settling on "what" I wanted to represent in it...

Now, the full technical details on what they have to be like can be found here on the BeLUG's blog Club Projects page, but the general idea is that you make something what you love about the Lego hobby, being it making mosaics, trading, collecting, just playing... whatever your imagination fancies.

So I kept churning ideas in my head, and then I finally got it.  I came out of my Dark Ages due to Lego having a Lord of the Rings line, so I thought nothing better then depicting the very first scene of the epic work, where Frodo sits by a creek and reading a book.

Yeah yeah, I know in the movies there is the whole prelude with the battle, but the "adventure" begins at this particular moment.

I wanted to create some forced perspective in it with the sun at the top, the blue sky meeting the gentle sloping hills of The Shire, and the creek that flows away into the horizon.

To that end, I also downscaled the tree (it had to fit within the box's dimensions).

I must say, I'm actually really cool with how it all turned out, it was fun to do and now I`m on par with the Club Projects builds... for now ;-)

J. R. R. Tolkien mosaic
Well, there are things you just *have* to build if it's in your area of intrest, and this moc mosaic is just one of those things.

As a humongous fan of the works of Tolkien, I just couldn't resist trying my hand at the iconic "logo" of J. R. R. Tolkien's work, the stylised letters that adorn the sides of all his books.

It's build on a 32x32 plate, and can now serve as the lovely background for whatever moc, vignette or display I'm taking along to conventions, and the fact those mosaics are dead easy to transport and set up is a great bonus.

Saving Sebastian

This build is based on the scene in Mirkwood, where Radagast finds the hedgehog Sebastian infested with at first an unknown disease.  After trying various potions, and under the watchful eyes of his woodland friends, he realises it is the dark influence that is slowly stirring again in the forest, and he heals the little hedgehog by means of magic.

It was selected MOC of the Week for 1-8 november 2015 in the Fellowship of the Brick group.

A Fell Voice on the Wind

Once again, Eurobricks is running it's Xmas raffle contest, and this year the theme is SNOW.

Now, usually I don`t join in these things, but for this year I made an exception, as I could combine it with some Tolkien suited building, so I set to work to make this small vignette.

Based on the scene from The Fellowship, the heroes are struggling on the snowy sides of Caradhras, as Saruman uses his magic to increase the snowstorm.  This eventually forces the Fellowship into the Mines of Moria with all the dire consequences.
But the comical part of that sequence in the film is that while they are all struggling in the chesthigh (of head high for the hobbits and Gimli) packed snow, Legolas lightly darts on top of it, and that`s what I wanted to represent.

It got picked in the raffle, as it wielded me a "Price C" on the 16th of december 2016.

Bucklebury Ferry

A rather iconic scene from the beginning of the story, this is where the Hobbits really realise the journey will be dangerous.  As the Black Rider tries to catch them, they flee to the Bucklebury Ferry and make the crossing to the Old Forest (and the dangers that await them there).

I kind of liked how the effect of using really used pieces, bitemarks and all, into the wall of the little house, that way making it look really weathered.

Tolkien Displays

These displays are something I really enjoy building, as I tend to take an existing (or combination thereoff if they are matching within a setting) set and build a landscape around it.  That way, not only do they fit nicely within my cabinets, it also makes them easier to transport to an event or show.  And of course it also makes them look just better to show them to people then just some loose standing sets :-)

Lake-Town Display

We all have that goal we want to achieve with MOCs and sets of our beloved LEGO brick.  And for me that is to build display bases showing the official sets.

This kind of work shows off the sets just that tat more awesome then when you just have them on display on a shelf, and by using `fully bricked` bases, makes them a lot sturdier as well for possible transportation.

The first of those to be completed is the one for Lake-Town.  This binds together the three official sets, namely Lake-Town Chase, Attack on Lake-Town and the promotional Lake-Town Guard polybag.  The engraved brick was made by a company called `Mijn Blokje` overhere in Belgium.

Weathertop Display

The second one of the planned displays for the whole Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit lines, this particular one is a `one set` display.  The scene is well known to all lovers of Tolkien, as this is the place where Frodo receives the stabwound from the Morgul Blade, and the race to cure him starts, resulting in the Fords of Bruinen epic `water attack`.

Build on a smaller base plate then the Lake-Town display as such, I aimed to make the raised cliff to place the old ruins of the watch tower on, and keeping the overhang again within the base in order to ease the transportation pack up...

Rivendell Display

The third of the displays I managed to put together for my Tolkien collection, this one incorporates the Council of Elrond set and the limited edition figure of Elrond from the Lord of the Rings videogame.

I kind of tried to emulate the videogame look, with the waterfall, small stream and the narrow bridges spanning those.

Dale Display

The fourth of the displays, and about the last of the smaller 32x32 one`s, is the Dale build, using the Battle of the Five Armies set as the basis to build around.

I`m particularly fond on how I managed to get the bridge and the road it spans nice and smooth in this particular build.

Concerning Hobbits

Being a mixture of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, it incorporates no less then 3 full sets and two limited edition figures.

The central feature of this build is of course the gorgeous set An Unexpected Gathering, or Bag's End, from the The Hobbit line.

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